The Expanse: A Telltale Series Episode Recaps – Behind the Belt

Greetings, Beltalowda! The Expanse: A Telltale Series is OUT NOW!

With every new episode that comes out, we’re going behind the scenes with Behind the Belt. Katy Bentz and Darren Gladstone hang out with members of the team, sharing stories about how The Expanse: A Telltale Series got made.

SPOILER ALERT: Before you hit “Play” on any of these videos, make sure you’ve finished playing the episode, first. We do NOT want to ruin the experience for you!


Cameos from characters in show, creepy vibes, and conversations with voices in your head – we cover a lot of ground in this episode of Behind the Belt. Lead Animator Martha Murrie joins us to talk about favorite episode! In Ep 4 of The Expanse: A Telltale Series, you’re stranded and figuring a way to save yourself even as your oxygen supply starts ticking away. What happens and who you meet set you up for the finale and who survives.

Narrative Director Jonathan Zimmerman talks about what it was like creating the backstory of The Cassiopeia Collective…right before we declare him a monster for the decisions we had to make in Episode 3. There’s some great narrative insights here and don’t forget to stick around for a first quick look at Episode 4!

In this episode, we talk with Lead Environment Artist Tommy Spampinato. He’s living every nerd’s dream getting to work with the team behind the show to create these amazing environments. Tommy also shares some pro tips that could help you find items you’ve been missing….and, yes, watch out for SPOILERS. You’ve been warned.

In this episode, we talk with Performance Director Zachary Andrews about the characters you meet in the game, some tough choices you’ll make…and how he accidentally created Cthulhu-grade monsters on the mocap set.

Now’s the perfect time to jump into The Expanse: A Telltale Series!

REMEMBER: New episodes of the game drop every two weeks! Learn more and join us in the belt. 

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