Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode Support

How does the game work? Is it difficult to play?

If you’ve played Telltale’s other recent games, you’ll have a good idea of the choice-based gameplay you’ll enjoy in Minecraft: Story Mode. If you’re new to Telltale and our games, the story you experience is driven by the choices that you make. Our games constantly present you with choices that can change the game right in that very moment, or later in the episode and series.

You’ll make decisions about what to say (or not to say) in dialogue with other characters. Along with physical choices in moments of action, your decisions will alter the flow of the story. This means that the game you experience could be very different from someone else’s. Telltale’s games are about making decisions, and then living with the consequences.

Our games are designed to allow almost anyone to play, regardless of their experience with games. The difficulty comes not in mastering the controls, but in making challenging decisions with far-reaching consequences.