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How do I play local split-screen offline?

To play 7 Days to Die locally and offline with a friend, you will need:

  • 2 XBLA or PSN accounts (alternatively, a Guest account for Player 2 is accepted)
  • 2 Xbox One or PS4 controllers

Please follow these steps to enable split-screen mode:

  1. As Player 1, sign into your XBLA or PSN account and start the game.
  2. Choose 'New Game' from the Main Menu.
  3. Select a character appearance to play as.
  4. Select 'Single Player' game and choose a game name.
  5. Select your desired game options and select 'Start Game.'
  6. After the game has loaded to the map, have Player 2 turn on their controller and select an account.
  7. Have Player 2 press the 'Menu' or 'Options' button on their controller.
  8. Player 2 will then be able to select their character appearance.

After Player 2 has selected their character, split-screen multiplayer will be activated.