Minecraft: Story Mode

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How do I buy Minecraft: Story Mode? Which platforms can I play on?

There are two ways to buy the game: as a Digital Download, or as a Season Pass Disc from your favorite retailer.

The Digital Download version is available for Xbox 360/One, PlayStation 3/4, PC, Mac, Wii U, Android, iOS, Apple TV, and Kindle devices. The Season Pass Disc is available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and for PC in certain territories.

If you purchase the game as a Digital Download on Xbox, PlayStation, or your mobile device, you will have the option to purchase episodes individually, or in the Season Pass (also known as a Multi-pack). Purchasing the Season Pass allows you to download up to Episode 5 at no additional cost.

If you purchase the Season Pass Disc, it will contain Episode 1, plus access to download Episodes 2-5 at no additional cost.

A broadband Internet connection is required to download episodes of this game series for both Digital Download and Season Pass Disc versions of the game.

The Season Pass and Season Pass Disc include Episodes 1-5. The Adventure Pass, which includes Episodes 6-8, is sold separately.