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How to use Cloud Saving in Guardians of the Galaxy

Telltale Cloud Saving for Guardians of the Galaxy is available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices for this game. This means you can start playing the game on your mobile device, then play on your PC/Mac and continue playing from where you left off!

Do I need a Telltale account to use Cloud Saving for my game?
You will need a Telltale account to use the Cloud Saving feature in-game. After you create a Telltale account either on our website or through the in-game option, you will be prompted to enable Cloud Saving. Please note that your account does not need to be verified to use Cloud Saving.

How often does the game save to the Cloud while I’m playing?
Once Cloud Saving is enabled, the game will save to the Cloud periodically as you progress through the episode you are playing. You will see a small Cloud Icon on-screen every time the game is syncing to the Cloud.

What happens if I disable Cloud Saving, or go Offline while playing?
If you choose to NOT enable Cloud Saving, or you go Offline while playing, your game will still save locally on your mobile device/computer. Your save will sync to the Cloud once you go back online or if you re-enable Cloud Saving.

Can I play on my iPhone, then continue playing later on my iPad?
Yes. As long as you have enabled Cloud Saving and you are logged into your Telltale account, you will be able to sync your game to the Cloud, then pick up from where you last saved on your second device.
PLEASE NOTE: You will be alerted that your local saves and Cloud saves do not match, and you will then have the option to sync to your Cloud saves, or use your local save files instead. Please ensure you carefully select which save you would prefer to use.

What happens if I delete the game app from my mobile device, and re-download the game at a later time?
As long as you log into your Telltale account that you had Cloud Saving enabled on, you will be able to sync with your previous Cloud saves and continue playing from where you last left off.

What if I uninstall the game from my computer? Will that delete the Cloud Saves?
No. Your Cloud saves will continue to exist in the Telltale Cloud servers. When you reinstall the game, please log into your Telltale account and enable Cloud Saving. You will be asked if you would like to sync your game with your previous Cloud save.

How do I Enable/Disable Cloud Saving in the game?
You can Enable or Disable Cloud Saving at any time. To do this, launch the game, select Settings, then select TTG Account. Inside this menu, you will be able to turn Cloud Saving on or off.

Which Save Slot does Cloud Saving use when it's enabled?
Save Slot 1 is the only slot that will be uploaded to the Cloud when Cloud Saving is enabled. If you would like to use Cloud Saving, please ensure the save you would like to upload is on Save Slot 1 in the Save Files menu.

I saw a Cloud Icon with a Red X over it. What does this mean?
This means your save file failed to sync to the Cloud. If this occurs, please make sure you are connected to a strong internet connection while using Cloud Saving to ensure that your save files sync successfully.
PLEASE NOTE: If your save file ever fails to upload to the Cloud, your local save files will still function normally. After you reconnect to a strong internet connection and return to the main menu, you will be alerted that your Cloud Saves do not match your local save files. You can then choose which save file you would like to use.