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How do I use the Recreate feature in Batman: The Enemy Within to create my backstory?

In Batman: The Enemy Within, there are two methods to import your save from Batman: The Telltale Series. If you are unable to import your save or do not have one to import, you can use the Recreate feature to create a backstory. This option is the best choice if you no longer have access to your past save data but still wish to play The Enemy Within with a personally crafted backstory.

When you begin a new game and select 'Continue Your Story', you will have an option to import your save or to 'Recreate'. This Recreate option will send you through a quiz where you will be asked various questions about your style of gameplay and choices you made in Batman: The Telltale Series. If you have not yet played Batman this quiz has spoilers for events in that game.

For more information about importing your save instead of using the Recreate option, please refer to the following support article: How do I import my save from Batman: The Telltale Series into Batman: The Enemy Within