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[Xbox One] I can't download episodes with my Season Pass disc

To download DLC episodes, please launch the game while connected to the internet and signed into your Xbox Live profile. Select the Episodes menu, then select an episode from the episodes list to begin downloading it.

If you are asked to purchase the episodes, or if the episodes are listed as Coming Soon, please ensure the Season Pass file is installed on your console. To check this, please follow these steps:

  1. Use your cursor to highlight the game icon on your dashboard.
  2. Press the 'Menu' button on your Xbox One controller. Select 'Quit Game' if you have it open, then select 'Manage Game.'
  3. On the following screen, ensure the Season Pass file is on left next to the main game icon under the 'Installed' column.
  4. If the Season Pass file is on the right under the 'Ready to Install' column, select this file and install it.
  5. Once the file has fully downloaded and is now displayed in the 'Installed' section, exit back to the dashboard.
  6. Launch the game again and select an episode to download. The store listing should display a green 'Download' prompt, which will allow you to download the episode.

If the issue persists, please close the game again and ensure you have a strong and stable internet connection. The next time you launch the game, the status for available episodes should update to display as 'Purchased, but not downloaded' in the Episodes menu. Depending on the quality of your internet connection, you may need to repeat this process a few times.

If the status still has not changed after multiple attempts, please close the game, then delete all game save data for that user from the console and cloud storage. For steps on how to delete save data from your console and cloud storage, please read this Xbox Support article. Please then restart the game, and you should be able to download episodes from the Episodes menu.

If the Xbox account you are signed into is a child account or has age restrictions, these can also block downloads for the game. This will occur if the age rating for your account is lower than the age rating on the game's disc box. If this is the case, please up the age level on the account you are using, or sign into an adult account on your Xbox.