Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a Player Support ticket?

  •  Click on the blue button in the lower right hand corner of the page.

How do I delete my Telltale Games account?

  • Please submit a player support ticket using the button below.
  • This will prevent you from from posting in the forums or accessing you cloud saves.
  • This deletion is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Where are the legacy forums located?

Where do I find Minecraft Story Mode?

Where do I find The Walking Dead Series?

Where do I find Tales from the Borderlands?

Where do I find 7 Days to Die?

  • note: We do not currently have any rights to sell, distribute, or support 7 Days to Die.

What is going to happen with the Other Telltale Games?

Can I transfer my game to another platform?

  • We are not able to transfer game licenses between different platforms (example: PS3 to PS4, TTG to Steam, or iPhone to Android phone). If you wish to play a game on a different platform than the one it was originally purchased on, you will need to acquire it directly for that platform from the corresponding storefront.
  • Telltale Player Support cannot transfer games between platforms or provide codes for other platforms.

How do I ‘rewind’ an episode so I can change my choices?

  1. Launch the game and select Play.
  2. Select Change Save Slot to ensure you are on the save file you want to use, or to copy your existing slot onto a new slot.
  3. Go back to Play menu, switch to the episode you want to play, and select Rewind at the bottom.
  4. Select the checkpoint you want to start at.

I can’t verify my Telltale account or change my password

  • A verification email will be sent to the email address registered to your Telltale account. This email will include a link to either verify your account or change your password.
  • After clicking and opening this link, you may find the ‘@’ symbol in your email address to be displaying as a string of characters (usually %20 or %40) in your browser’s address bar. If this is the case, please copy the URL from the email and paste it directly into your browser’s address bar. You can also change the string of characters back into the @ symbol. This will allow you to access the link.
  • Please note you must be at least 18 years of age to verify your account. However, you do not need a verified account to play our games, see your choices, or use our in-game cloud saving.

My Steam-purchased game is asking for a Telltale account login

  • If you receive a Telltale Log In pop up when launching the game through Steam, please close out of the game and restart your Steam Client.
  • After Steam has finished re-opening, click Play on the game from your Steam Library. Before you click on the ‘Click To Continue’ screen, try waiting 5 minutes, then click to continue to the main menu.
Will my Steam saves work on the Telltale version, and vice versa?
  • Yes. The Telltale version and Steam version of our games use the same save directory on PC and Mac. As long as your saves have not been moved or deleted, they will be accessible from either version of the game.
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