See the Official Trailer for The Walking Dead: The Final Season Ahead of Season Premiere on August 14!

Scott Butterworth

August 9th 2018

Episode one, 'Done Running,' will launch the final chapter in Clementine's journey when it premieres on August 14 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Behind The Walking Dead Story Builder: Coming Full Circle with Daniel Kanemoto

Telltale Games

August 7th 2018

Animator Daniel Kanemoto recently helped create the captivating Story Builder for The Walking Dead: The Final Season, but this wasn’t his first time working with Telltale. He's responsible for the first trailer for The Walking Dead way back in 2012. Fast forward six years and the team at Telltale now needed a fun way for fans and newcomers to craft custom save files based on the series’ biggest choices, laying the groundwork for their own unique entry points into the upcoming season. With The Final Season already bringing so much full circle, Daniel naturally came to mind…

Relive The Walking Dead's Most Harrowing Moments in The Final Season Story Builder

Scott Butterworth

August 2nd 2018

The interactive, browser-based Story Builder recaps Clementine’s journey and allows you to make choices along the way. These choices can then be imported into The Final Season when it launches on August 14.

Everything You Need to Know About Importing Saves to The Walking Dead: The Final Season


August 2nd 2018

If you need help transferring your save data from previous The Walking Dead games into The Final Season so that your choices are reflected in the upcoming season, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

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