So You Wanna Cosplay Clementine: A Guide

posted by Jessica Krause August 16th 2018

Hello friends! Episode one of The Walking Dead: The Final Season is finally out (hooray!), and that means all you aspiring cosplayers will be frantically pausing and screencapping the game to get an accurate glimpse of Clementine’s final design. Trust me, I feel your pain. I’ve been there. Literally:

enter image description here [2015 Jess, before I ever applied to work at Telltale. Follow your dreams, kids.]

As writer of episode one of The Final Season, and a fellow cosplayer myself, I wanted to offer some help by taking you through Telltale’s Official Cosplay Guide for Clementine! The guide is available to download with high-res images, so feel free to get as detailed as you want. Special thanks to David Bogan, Todd Pound, and Geoffrey Brege for putting the visual guide together for all of you to enjoy!

There are no hard and fast rules in cosplay: as long as you’re having fun and enjoy dressing up as characters you love, that’s what matters the most. However, if you’re just starting out, here are a few tips for creating Clem’s look that you can use as a jumping off point. Let’s break it down!

Clem’s top is made up of a cream-colored henley, a light grey hoodie, and her new dark grey denim jacket. Clem’s cargo pants are an olive green, with pockets on both thighs. If you’re worried about overheating at a convention with all those layers, you can use a short-sleeved henley, since you won’t see the sleeves underneath the hoodie. You’ll probably want to distress these items to get that authentic just-woke-up-killing-walkers-this-morning look, so I would recommend looking through your local thrift stores first.

enter image description here

The denim jacket has a screen-printed back, as well as a patch on the left shoulder and a smaller patch over the right front pocket. We’ve provided the designs for each of these so you can see the details. For the back, you can either stencil the design on or trace over the design with transfer paper and then iron the design onto the back. Go over the design with some white fabric paint (you can find it for pretty cheap at any craft store) and you should be good to go! The smaller patches are embroidered, but if you don’t embroider or want a faster way to achieve the same look, you can easily paint the design onto some scrap fabric before attaching to the jacket.

Clem’s boots are lace-up knee-high boots with zipper and buckle details. Thankfully, fall is approaching, which means most stores are going to start stocking boots that would look pretty similar to these. And if you’re going to splurge on anything for this outfit (or any cosplay, for that matter), invest in some decent shoes. Your feet will thank you after walking around a convention hall for 8 hours. Trust me, I speak from experience.

As far as accessories, Clem has a canvas backpack (which provides the added advantage of storing all your convention loot), her K-bar knife (please check your convention’s cosplay weapon policy before attending, and please always use plastic or foam), and Clementine’s signature hat. Feel free to use your tears from the past three seasons to distress your hat accordingly.

Distressing your cosplay is going to give you the most authentic look for Clementine, and there are several methods to choose from. One way is to take fabric paints in brown, black, yellow, and red, and mix them with water until you have a runny consistency. This will ensure that the fabric won’t stiffen up after the paint dries. The more water you add, the better. Combine red, black, and brown onto a large, stiff brush and flick liberally to create blood stains. You don’t need to be exact in your distressing, so have fun with it.

enter image description here

The last and possibly most iconic element of any Telltale game is the cel-shading. You can achieve this using an eyeliner pen for your face and a fabric pen for your clothing (craft stores sell them, usually by the fabric paint). The easiest way to figure out where to cel-shade is to put on the entire outfit and mark where the fabric naturally bunches and folds. For the face, you can look at the close-up we provide or just line around the contours and highlights of your face (the cupid’s bow, the bridge of the nose, the contours of the chin, etc).

And that’s it! It may seem like a lot, but once you get all the articles of clothing, it just comes down to the distressing. Remember, cosplay is meant to be fun above all else, so don’t stress too much. And if you see one of us at an upcoming convention and you dressed as Clem, come say hi!

We’re so excited to see cosplayers of all levels pay homage to their favorite Telltale characters. Remember to tag @telltalegames on social media if you post your work, and hopefully, we’ll see you at a convention soon!

Download the cosplay guide here!