Watch the First 15 Minutes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season!

posted by Scott Butterworth July 20th 2018

Yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con, Creative Director of The Walking Dead: The Final Season Kent Mudle debuted the season's opening chapter on IGN's livestream. Today, we want to show you that same sequence again with a little less, well, talking. Without the added commentary, we hope you're better able to soak in the updated art style, the new 360-degree orbit cam, the revamped combat system, and all the other new ideas packed into these fifteen short minutes.

Most importantly, we wanted to let you savor seeing Clementine and AJ together at last, working as team against desperate circumstances. The Final Season premieres on August 14 and you can learn all about pre-orders right here, but for now, sit back and enjoy some pure, unadulterated gameplay.