Meet The Walking Dead: The Final Season's New Class of Survivors

posted by Adam Douglas July 27th 2018

It’s that time of year again. Summer is settling, autumn is approaching, and school will soon be in session. You know what that means: new lessons to learn, new friends to make, and new blood to spill.

Welcome to Ericson’s Boarding School for Troubled Youths. Once upon a time, it served as a home for wayward children sent away by desperate parents weary of bad behavior and hopeful for transformation from chaotic kids to productive members of society. But that was once upon a time...

These days, there are no adults to be found on school grounds, and the students run rampant. When the world collapsed, Ericson’s transitioned from boarding school to tucked-away fortress, protecting its inhabitants from the undead and, for the most part, the less-than-desirable living. But who are the inhabitants these days? Let’s meet some.



Chaos can only reign for so long before someone steps in to decide what’s what, and Marlon chose to wear that crown. As de facto leader of Ericson’s, he’s responsible for its occupants’ survival and overall well-being. A keen hunter, Marlon keeps the kids fed and protected with help from his razor-sharp arrows and his ferocious furry friend Rosie. Clementine loves dogs, right? Oh, wait…



If Ericson’s had a welcoming committee, Violet probably wouldn’t be selected for it. Not everyone’s a people person, and Violet has no illusions otherwise. A tough world calls for tough people, so it’s no wonder Violet’s survived so long. She’s not without a heart, she’s just learned that all-too-important lesson to keep it as guarded as any other body part.



Quick-witted and silver-tongued, Louis’ spirit is a sharp contrast to the often-drab attitude of his fellow students, always finding time for a joke or card game even on the darkest days. Louis is proof that all the light out there isn’t gone, no matter how much the world insists otherwise. Louis just laughs back in the world’s face. What does he have to lose? Oh, and the guy’s a classically-trained pianist as well. You thought only cops, lawyers, and gym teachers survived the apocalypse? Guess again.

School’s back in session August 14th. Pre-order on Xbox One or PS4 to receive The Walking Dead Collection as a free pre-order bonus, or pre-order on PC to save 10% off the full retail price.