MEDIA IMPRESSIONS of The Expanse: A Telltale Series

A couple weeks back, we set influencers and media in front of PCs and let them play the entire first episode of The Expanse: A Telltale Series before it launches on July 27th. Their choices, their story consequences – and, we have to say, some of these people were SAVAGE!

We kept it simple. They could record everything and share how they felt about the experience after the first few hours in-game. We wanted to let people play early enough so that they could think about what they experienced and share their honest feedback.

Among those invited: Fans of narrative games as well as a few hardcore fans of The Expanse. Well…what did they think?

You can, of course, always read articles from the likes of Digital Trends, GameSpot, IGN – even – but we wanted to also share some of our favourite videos.

The Normies

“It’s a very intense experience off the bat…!” Not going to lie, we loved being in the room watching them debate for 10 minutes on some of the big decisions they had to make in Episode 1. Check out the link for a peek at not just the event and their impressions, but their interview with Cara Gee (who reprises her role of Camina Drummer from the show).


“Telltale and Deck Nine have made a lot of improvements…choices will matter, the exploration is awesome so far, and this is definitely the most advanced Telltale game we’ve seen to date.”

It was so great to have Dom and his brother, side-by-side playing the first episode. We threw out the suggestion that one plays “good guy” and the other plays “evil twin” who makes savage choices. We won’t tell you which was which. Also, buckle up and keep some tissues handy. The intro to Dom’s video got a couple of folks from the Telltale crew here a little misty.

Easy Allies

“This ran better than any Telltale game ever made. This is the biggest, most explorable Telltale game ever made. One of the best parts is when you actually start going to scavenge for supplies in Zero-G. The planet Jupiter is in the background, you are floating in and around a ship…and you can freely go into each part and explore. I love that you can find additional collectibles that can open up other conversations.”

Easy Allies’ Michael Huber didn’t stop there. “After this play session, I was like, ‘can I get this right now, please?’ I wanted to go home and commit to finish playing out the whole story….when I play the final game, I’m going with completely different choices.” So, safe to say, he liked what he’s seen so far! 

Thanks so much for your support, beratnas and sésatas. 

We’re continuing to be transparent about our first new game as the new Telltale. And, yes, like any “well-oiled” hype machine we’re still going to post trailers so you get an even better sense of what awaits you when the game launches soon. Like the new Story Trailer we recently posted. (Subtle, right?)

The Expanse: A Telltale Series launches July 27th 2023 for Xbox, Playstation and the Epic Game Store. Pre-order now!

We’re sharing more Expanse-related hijinks on our social media channels. So look for us on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook as we get closer to the launch of The Expanse: A Telltale Series.

See you soon in the black!

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