Captain Cox’s Files: A Cosplay Guide to The Expanse: A Telltale Series

The following personnel files were retrieved from a subdirectory belonging to Garrison Cox, Captain of the scavenger ship Artemis. We’re sharing what we could decrypt in case you needed cosplay guides for The Expanse: A Telltale Series, ready for us heading to San Diego Comic Con – or if you just plan on joining the crew.


Age: 60 
Place of Birth: Earth
Medical Notes, Dr. Virgil Marks: Hypertension; requires ACE inhibitors for blood pressure; repeatedly requests alcohol “for medical reasons.”

If it wasn’t for a bunch of U.N.N. tightasses, I’d probably still be running things on Titan. Instead, I’m stuck here, on this bucket with a buncha belters scavenging wrecks and nothing to show for it. The crew’s put up with it so far, but there’s only so many times we can circle Jupiter like goddamned tourists. 

Adding to this BS sandwich, we’re low on just about everything. Including patience. The only good news is that I picked up a distress signal that’s gone unanswered. The U.N.N. Urshinabi. If I’m right, I think I might’ve finally stumbled on a big enough score that can set me up for life. 

That’ll show ‘em all.


Age: 28
Place of Birth: Ceres
Medical Notes, Dr. Virgil Marks: No prior health issues; minor bruising and rib contusion during recent scavenging mission. 

I don’t know what Drummer got up to on the docks of Ceres. The less I know about what she did when running with Anderson Dawes, the better. Still, she was an attack dog for those OPA nuts, so I probably still need to keep an eye on her if I know what’s good for me.

At least as XO she’s good for two things: Making sure the work gets done and keeping Arlen and Rayen – those dumbasses –  in line. Anything else beyond that, I don’t give a damn as long as she can help me get stinking rich. 


Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: Earth? (unknown)
Medical Notes, Dr. Virgil Marks: Patient wears glasses and demonstrates animosity when offered medical intervention. Patient is hostile to questions of a medical nature.

I don’t think I’ve met a bigger, more stubborn hardass than Khan. As far as I can tell she only cares about flying and cigars. Anything – or anyone – that gets between her and those two things isn’t gonna be happy with the results. And good luck getting her to crack a smile. Or talk much. Only evidence I’ve seen that there’s a human underneath all that piss and vinegar is a picture she keeps near her station. She looks happy there, at least.

Whatever. She’s damn good at what she does and doesn’t cost me much – that’s all I care about right now. Better for Drummer to deal with her than me.


Age: 25 
Place of Birth: Mars
Medical Notes, Dr. Virgil Marks: Prior tibial stress fracture. Possible PTSD due to her time in the MCRN. Have suggested meditation.

Wouldn’t you know that I’ve got an ex-Martian jarhead on board? The crap I’d get if I still talked to any of the backstabbing U.N.N. bastards that tossed me out of the service. But that was then and I’ll be damned if the MCRN didn’t produce a highly-proficient engineer despite their best efforts. She’s tough as nails and smart as hell. Way I see it, the Martian Navy’s loss is my gain.


Age: Twins, 34
Place of Birth: Vesta
Medical Notes, Dr. Virgil Marks:
   Arlen: Have discussed anger management options. 
   Rayen: Patient has poor eye-hand coordination possibly due to childhood malnutrition.

I swear to god with these two idiots. Unfortunately, I need them to get the work done on salvage runs. Say what you will about belters, but they were built for this crap. They’ve lived in zero-g their entire lives and they get the basics drilled into them since birth. They probably learn to float before they walk.

Arlen. Christ, when he isn’t joking around with his twin brother – or being overprotective – this guy is always trying to get what he thinks he deserves. Giant pain in my ass. Rayen, by comparison, is trusting… and naive. Now those are qualities I like to see in my crew. Unfortunately, the two are a package deal. This, right here, is why I’m glad I have Drummer onboard. If anyone’s going to keep these two in line, it’s her.


Age: 51
Place of Birth: Earth
Medical Notes, Dr. Virgil Marks: Nothing to report at this time.

I shouldn’t be able to hire someone like Virgil. He’s stable, resourceful – hell, I trust him more than some of the auto-docs I got patched up with when serving in the UNN. I know the rest of the crew probably thinks Virgil sees us as some kinda charity case, but I promised him I’d keep quiet about why he’s onboard. I’m not about to lecture anyone on how to deal with his demons. Mostly, though, I don’t want to lose the only half-decent chef on this tub.

Feel inspired to cosplay as any of the Artemis’ crew members? Show us what you come up with online or who knows – maybe you’ll run into us at San Diego Comic Con! 

Of course, don’t forget that The Expanse: A Telltale Series is launching on July 27th. Pre-order now.

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